Kenya Coconut Development Authority Risk Management Strategy Consultant Pre-Qualification Invitation today opportunity


Invitation for Pre-Qualification of a Risk Management Strategy Consultant
Tender Number KCDA/ONT/IFQJFOO7/201 3-2014
Commencement Date 24/12/2013
Closing Date 14/01/2014
1. Introduction
1.1 Preamble
Kenya Coconut Development Authority (KCDA) was established on 27th August 2007 through a legal notice No. 165 as a state corporation, pursuant to the State Corporations Act Cap 446, with a primary mandate of promoting, developing and regulating coconut industry in Kenya.

KCDA invites competent consultants for developing and implementing an Institutional Risk Management framework and policy

2. Need for Consultancy
Since the inception of KCDA, the Authority’s external environment has been characterized by rapid changes especially in the political, economic, technological and legal contexts.
This rapidly has challenged the Authority to re-look at how it will strategically position itself in such an environment.
To this end, KCDA has just concluded reviewing its strategic plan and now has a revised plan covering the 2013-2017 period.
In order to enhance effective and efficient achievement of its strategic goals and mandate, KCDA plans to adopt a more structured approach of managing those factors that are likely to impact on the achievement of its strategic goals.
This will be achieved by developing and implementing an institutional risk management framework and policy that has clear linkages with the Authority’s strategic plan.
It is with such a background that the Authority seeks to contract external consultancy services to assist in the developing of a risk management framework and policy for the organization.
3. Objective of the Consultancy
The purpose of the consultancy is to engage risk management expertise in guiding the development of a robust risk management framework for KCDA.
The consultant will serve as an advisor to KCDA’s management and staff in the development of a corporate risk policy and the respective risk management strategies in the various functional areas.
The consultant will also offer support in the implementation of the risk management strategy.
4. Scope of Work
The successful consultant will be required to effectively undertake the following functions:
  1. Obtain adequate understanding of KCDA’s business including its mandate, processes, systems, people, culture and structures;
  2. Carry out gap analysis and design of implementation of tools and techniques for ERM
  3. Carry out facilitated workshops and deliver training for the KCDA senior management and relevant staff on risk management. This should include but not limited to a sensitization on the ownership of and responsibilities in risk management processes;
  4. Obtain understanding of the corporate scorecard and guiding management ¡n identifying corporate level risk events, drivers and control and mitigation strategies;
  5. Guiding management in identifying departmental level risk events, drivers and control and mitigation strategies;
  6. Compilation of the Authority’s risk universe and preparation of the corporate risk register.
  7. Develop a KCDA risk management strategy together with an implementation plan.
  8. Train process owners on identifying, assessing and managing risks;
  9. Train internal auditors (and risk champions) on effective assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness of the risk management process;
  10. Submit the ERM policy/strategy document to the KCDA management.
A detailed company profile attaching the following
  • Membership certificate to association or professional body
  • Registration certificate
  • CVs of key consultants including the lead consultant
  • Related (experience) work done in similar engagement
  • Tax compliance certificate
Completed documents must be submitted enclosed in plain sealed envelopes, clearly marked with the tender No. and tender description and be addressed to:
The Managing Director
Kenya Coconut Development Authority
P.O Box 84351 — 80100,
So as to be received not later than 11.00am on the respective tender closing date as shown above.
Tenders will be opened immediately after closing the and bidders or their representative are welcome to witness the opening at the KCDA Boardroom, NSSF building 6th floor, south wing.
Canvassing for tenders by bidders/applicants or by proxy shall lead to automatic disqualification.
Managing Director